Jessica ChenFeng, PhD

Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist


I am an associate professor of Medical Education and Associate Director of Physician Vitality at Loma Linda University Health. I’m also an alumna of UCLA, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Loma Linda University. My research, writing, and clinical work center around sociocontextual issues such as gender, race, generation, and spirituality and how these identities shape the self and interpersonal dynamics. I identify as a second-generation Taiwanese American, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and still live in southern California with my spouse, two children, and miniature Schnauzer. When I have time, I love experimenting with baking sourdough bread, sewing clothes, and trying to keep plants alive.


Asian American identities, relationships, and cultural legacies: Reflections from marriage and family therapists. (Coming soon)

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